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New Site

I am in the process of redoing the gallery and creating a new site. My hope is that I can easily put highlights and commentary here while having the full gallery in the background.

The reason for this is I have found at the past couple events people have asked what I’m taking the pictures for. I provide them with a business card that points them to this site. Those who do ask I usually would like to do some highlight because they are proud of their work just like I am proud of mine. They’re interested in seeing what my brain does with their work. Obviously I would like to thank them for their interest since they’re thanking me for mine.

Slowly I will be adding more information to this site and adding pictures from events. If you more curious about who I am in generalcheck out my blog.

Just because I do it as a hobby for myself doesn’t mean I’m not willing to actually do work. If you like my work and would like me to do something for you please contact me.

If I saw you at the Palouse car show or the Genesse Community days check back here, I will probably write something up on your rig.