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Fresh Thunderstorm

I was on the phone with my mom and saw a flash out the window. I looked at the weather report, said nothing about thunderstorms and just ignored it. Maybe it was someone’s headlights. Then it happened again, at which point I told my mom I’d talk to her later.

Upon getting outside this is what I was greeted with.

I took a couple more pictures in the backyard before I moved front. When I moved to the front yard I caught this.

Clarkston Update

I processed a couple pictures from the Cruisin’ to Clarkston event tonight as well as did a couple photos from this morning. The crop duster was literally flying out our front window about 100 yards away dusting the field in front of the house.

I must say, waking up to a rotary engine in a high whine isn’t a bad thing, though if it had weapons attached to it I would probably think otherwise.

I finished up another picture of the Cuda and did one picture of the Pontiac.

Cruisin’ to Clarkston

The wife and I spent part of our Saturday in Clarkston at the Cruisin’ to Clarkston Car show. There were many good looking rigs with some serious head turners. One of my personal favorites was a 1973 Plymouth Cuda, with 2 inches chopped off the top. The Cuda on its own already looks sleek and mean, this just looked like it was flying at a standstill.

I have a bunch of other pictures of the Cuda however I’m not done tweaking them yet so they’re not posted. Subscribe here for pictures from the car show to know immediately about new photo posts. Most of the preliminary work is done; there is still a bunch of work to be done however.

I also met someone with a beautiful 1964 GMC. I am a Ford guy through and through. All three vehicles in my driveway are blue ovals, and my boat is powered by a Ford engine. This doesn’t mean I will ignore a good looking Chevy or GMC, I’m just not going to run out and buy one, classic or not. Mopar is a different story because well, I abso-!@#$ing-lutely love the Charger. But I digress, so back to the subject at hand.

High Speed Photography

I wanted to take a break today from working on my current projects. I want to get them done, but I also don’t like spending all my time behind a computer. I do that all week long for my day job, I really would prefer to spend some time away from it during the weekend. I was looking in a photography book and said, hey why don’t I do some “Doc Edgerton” shots. I don’t have access to high speed strobes currently; however the camera shutter will do 1/4000th of a second. So I busted out my work lights and proceeded to heat up my living room. The results however were quite decent.

Palouse Car Show – 6/5/2010

On June 5th the wife and I went to Palouse to the car show. Partially because they’re fun, also we had friends catering the event. This was the first major event I had gone to with my SLR in tow other than Boomershoot. The better statement is this is the first major event which also provided numerous pieces of eye candy. I made the mistake of not thinking that someone else may want to look at the photographs after the fact. I wasn’t even there for 5 minutes and someone asked me for a card. All wasn’t lost; I had my blogging business cards with me which has a link here.

New Site

I am in the process of redoing the gallery and creating a new site. My hope is that I can easily put highlights and commentary here while having the full gallery in the background.

The reason for this is I have found at the past couple events people have asked what I’m taking the pictures for. I provide them with a business card that points them to this site. Those who do ask I usually would like to do some highlight because they are proud of their work just like I am proud of mine. They’re interested in seeing what my brain does with their work. Obviously I would like to thank them for their interest since they’re thanking me for mine.

Slowly I will be adding more information to this site and adding pictures from events. If you more curious about who I am in generalcheck out my blog.

Just because I do it as a hobby for myself doesn’t mean I’m not willing to actually do work. If you like my work and would like me to do something for you please contact me.

If I saw you at the Palouse car show or the Genesse Community days check back here, I will probably write something up on your rig.